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Communicating CSR policy to our stakeholders

Completed in 2019/2020

On 9 April 2020, TDV Industries, in its role as ambassador of the Global Compact France in the Pays de la Loire, was to organise the Global Compact Tour de France. The event, involving 80 players from the region, was cancelled for this edition due to the COVID pandemic that hit France in February 2020.

The Global Compact Tour de France is a series of conferences and exchanges between ambassadors, professional speakers and guests around CSR in companies. It allows reflection on different issues: how to implement a responsible policy in your company; who to contact for advice; what are the best practices?

Many other questions are addressed during these events and it is a real meeting place where sustainable partnerships are created between the participating companies.

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Reorganise the Global Compact Tour de France or re-programme it for next year in agreement with Global Compact France

Dialogue with all stakeholders, clients and partners who came to the tree planting (as in Feb/March 2019)

Set up other communication initiatives via the UIT and FACIM

Encourage the dissemination of best practices and commitment actions throughout the group.