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Reduce the environmental footprint of our production

COMPLETED IN 2019/2020

TDV Industries has achieved the two objectives set out in the last CSR 2018 report! We introduced not 6% but 10.9% recycled polyester into all our production! A great step forward in reducing the amount of waste on our planet.

Next, 21.5% of our cotton supplies are now made in Europe and more precisely in the Guadalquivir region, a shorter supply circuit in terms of distance and carbon footprint.

75% of the fabrics used for coating are now made from organic cotton and recycled polyester yarns.

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Receive at least 20% of our supplies by sea (carbon footprints: road = 62 gCO2/T-km, sea = 16 gCO2/T-km).

Develop 3 new fabrics based on recycled cotton yarns.

Encourage the repair of parts through maintenance rather than replacement by new parts

Based on the carbon assessment carried out with Climate Partner in 2020, identify new actions and best practices

Contribute to the acceleration of a textile environmental display