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Combat global warming

COMPLETED IN 2019/2020

As a result of the investment in our printing machine, which has allowed us to internalise production 100%, more than 40,000 kilometres of truck transport can be avoided annually.

The FUB (French Federation of Bicycle Users) has offered training on the proper use of bicycles and tips on how to repair them and travel in complete safety. This campaign enabled us to raise employee’s awareness of how to use of bicycles to get to the workplace.

Our special folders have been filed online on Office 365, which makes it possible to share documents via links instead of sending attachments (sending documents by e-mail is therefore streamlined and consumes less energy for sending and for storing e-mails).

During the first half of 2020, the TDV Industries x Klopman x KAI group committed to a joint project: to establish a carbon assessment with our partner Climate Partner. A key collaborative effort to find solutions together to reduce our carbon impact at group level.

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Accelerate the use of secondary raw materials using eco-circularity

Drawing on the lessons learned from the 3 Group Carbon Assessments and triggering the first new measures to reduce TDV Industries’ carbon impact

Establish the carbon index of our flagship products and communicate on this measure.

Identify where the carbon footprint can be avoided and reduced

Invest in a carbon compensation plan in line with our CSR commitments (such as the tree planting operation)