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Industrialise a solution for recycling post-consumer textiles

Completed in 2019/2020

At TDV Industries, we have carried out several development trials using recycled materials. We recovered, dismantled and frayed the old work clothes of one of our customers. From the wadding obtained, we made a yarn with which we wove a new fabric that will be made into a tote bag.

Another of our projects was to weave, from recycled yarns, fabrics of different grammages that can be made into trousers and which were to have been presented at the Expoprotection Trade Fair in Paris in November 2020 (the Trade Fair was postponed).

We accepted a challenge from the French Ministry of the Armed Forces to study the feasibility of recycling military clothing (F3 and Navy fatigues).

Earlier in 2019, we produced a TDV capsule collection by Marlène created from scraps of recycled fabrics. This collection was made by the workshop “Les petites mains”, an association of women in a situation of professional reintegration.

We also participated in 8 steering committees for the REWIND project.

We submitted our bid via the FIREX consortium to a tender as part of PIAVE (Plan d’Industrie et d’AVEnir, a plan for industry and the future), and as part of a tender for an economic recovery plan.

Letters of intent were sent to the main principals in order to determine the return on investment for the purchase of automatic trimming and shredding equipment.

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Find new spinning partners to continue the projects after the spinning workshop has ended and to create lasting links.

Study the prices of the different samples worked on

Make the REbearth project a reality through investments, determine governance and start production.

FIREX: processing professional clothing and production offcuts

Accelerate the market launch of a range of fabrics for professional clothing based on recycled end-of-life garments