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Continue to reduce TDV Industries’ water footprint

COMPLETED IN 2019/2020

For our industrial processes, we use so-called “industrial” water which comes directly from the Mayenne river and undergoes simple treatments before use. Sometimes, the characteristics of this water make it unusable in our processes, forcing us to use city water (which is drinkable) to maintain the quality of our production.

The feasibility study for improving industrial water to reduce the consumption of city water has enabled us to identify two main areas of work:

  • Better turbidity control
  • Removal of microorganisms (algae), which make the water unusable, especially in the summer months

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Process water improvement study to reduce city water consumption – NALCO project

Schedule an awareness day

Implement a feasibility study for a closed loop between TDV Industries and the Laval wastewater treatment plant, in response to the Prefecture’s request to save water resources.

Distribute a “water quality test” kit to be fixed on taps to raise employee awareness