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Perpetuate the transmission of our technical and people skills for Textile Excellence

COMPLETED IN 2019/2020

We rolled out a new integration programme in the dyeing workshop aimed at introducing newcomers to the TDV Industries machine park. This circuit helps new employees understand the challenges of the stages upstream of their workstation and thus facilitates the detection of anomalies in order to guarantee high quality production. This circuit also helps new operators understand the consequences of the work they perform on their machine by observing the stages downstream, thus enabling them to adopt the best reflexes.

Some employees are trained to become mentors to newcomers. Their mission is to train and accompany new recruits from the moment they arrive until they no longer need regular mentoring.

The acquisition of our new printing unit has demonstrated our ability to acquire and transmit new technical skills. Our printing process is now operational to print items for the most demanding French and European military markets.

2nd HALF 2020
+ 2Roue des ODD21

Duplicate the “integration pathway” serious-game in all the workshops

Implement the project in order to develop versatility in the weaving and dyeing workshops

Enable TDV Industries to play its full part in the deployment of the new Group Strategic Plan at the service of the men, women and investments of TDV Industries.