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2020, scarred by the COVID-19 global pandemic, was a very singular year for TDV Industries and for our entire ecosystem. We are proud, in this context, to launch our 8th CSR report covering an 18-month period. This year marks a new step for our company: our new economic model implementation within a reinforced TDV Industries- Klopman International Group and our presence in constantly changing European markets.
More than ever, we want to contribute to a positive economy which allies high technicity, new fabrics solutions, impacts control, transparency, traceabi­lity and exemplariness. More than ever, we commit to producing technical and responsible textile.
TDV Industries has the will to state its leadership on technical markets and on the solutions to CSR expectations and requirements. The COVID-19 crisis, sud­den and carrying both threats and opportunities, doesn’t call into question our new positioning, but opens perspectives of responsible and relocated consump­tions. In that spirit, TDV Industries wants to contribute to strengthening our European economy and our sustainable development, from local to global and to achieve to launch the clothes made from revalorisation and reemployment of which the demand is already high but doesn’t benefits from a real industrial so­lution for now.
Still in this spirit and as part of our Agenda 21 (2018-2022), we commit to em­ploying all necessary human and material means to lead the way in taking res­ponsibility, in enhancement of quality, in sustainable development, in well being at work and in territorial anchorage, adhering to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 stan­dards and in line with our Agenda 21 (2018-2022) and Global Compact prin­ciples.
The 10 commitments we made in our 3rd Agenda 21 are our CSR guidelines. They are all related to 11 of the Global Compact’s SDGs (Sustainable Develop­ment Goals). Some of the commitments cover several Global Compact themes. For each commitment, we set goals which are measured and qualified in this CSR report.
TDV Industries confirms our alignment with the principles of the Global Com­pact and renews its commitment to the organisation. TDV Industries is com­mitted to production which, on over day of the year, has the lowest footprint and the highest social and societal impact.



Christophe LAMBERT, Chairman